Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance  Part 1: Forest Compound
1) Ensure that no alarms are sounded.
2) Recover OSA M1S Snooper Rifle.
3) Infiltrate the Supply Compound.
4) Stow away aboard supply truck bound for the Rocket Base.

Here's where you start. You only have a knife and Sten but that will do for the most part. Head forward until you come to the clearing below.

Around this house ahead are three soldiers, but, if you do what Uncle Dave tells you, they won't even know that you had been there. Run down into the little gully in the foreground then creep up to where that left hand slope meets the rise. I've marked the spot with an 'X'. This will give you a view of your first patrolling soldier.

He walks from right to left behind that wall between you and the house. As he does so if you stay 90 to his left he will not see you. As he marches along move with him to the edge of this flat, again marked 'X'. In a moment he will turn towards the house. As he does so, rise and run off to the left, initially hugging the left wall.

As you clear the area shift over to the right and pass this tree on the right. Keep running. Just for reference, beyond that first house you saw lies a lake. Beyond that some supplies lie beneath a tree. They are not worth fighting those first soldiers for.

Round this corner, and approach these two trees keeping them close to your right. As you pass the first one, crouch and creep forward.

You need to stop running because this guy appears from behind the second tree. Like at the first building if you stay 90 to his side he will not spot and you will be surprised as to just how close you can get to him without being detected. Basically just keep moving forward while remaining crouched. Go to the right of the building and keep moving ahead.

Head off to the right of these two trees in the distance. Again keep crouched and keep on moving ahead. Keep going until you reach the far corner up there.

When you have reached there, turn left, run past this tunnel mouth and head up into the gap ahead of you.

After a little while the ground will fall away to the left and you can spot a tower in the distance. Use your binoculars to check out the sentry posted here. If he is looking away from you proceed ahead. If he is scanning around, then wait for him to turn his back to you then go.

Carry on running to the next corner then round this tree on it's far side.

Turn to the left. Rounding this tree in this fashion puts another tree between you and the tower. Run up to this one.

Use lean and binoculars to check the tower then move out to the right and approach it from this angle.

Climb up the ladder and get ready to shoot this sentry with the Sten. He needs to be facing to your right when you kill him or his fall may be observed by others nearby. Whilst climbing the ladder you will see more guards on the bridge below. From this distance they will not spot you, honest.

Go back down the ladder and look for the next tunnel entrance. Basically just run down to the tunnel mouth hugging the right hand side. Before you go you can collect the dead soldiers Mauser.

As you reach the tunnel sprint along the right and enter a door halfway up. You will see the truck that you need to board but you can't get to it yet. You will hear soldiers talking but ignore them. Open the door quietly and walk through the tunnel path.

At the end climb up this ladder and turn right.

Quickly sprint up hill into this gap here.

You will reach the crest of this hill. As you do, keep to the right of this tree.

On the other side of this hill you will see an encampment with two soldiers talking. Crouch and move to the right until a branch comes between you and them. Stop here. Wait until they part. One of the men, an Officer, goes to the right, the other goes to the left and mans a machine gun. There is a third guard in the tower nearby.

As they part you need to move down to the camp. Stay crouched but head to the left hand end of the wall. Keep the left hand most tree within this camp between you and the tower beyond.

Once at the wall, turn right and creep along. You will pass a gap. Keep going until you reach the very end. Lean around and watch the Officer walk away. When he has gone a little way move off after him keeping crouched.

His final destination is this tree where he takes a leak. Seriously ! Knife him. To the right of this location is your Snooper rifle and other supplies. Run over to them.

Here you go.

Objective 2

Load up your Snooper and go to the right of this tree until you can get a clear view of the soldier by the machine gun and the one in the tower.

The view through the scope takes  a little getting used to !

A good shot each will put paid to them. Once done head to the camp and pick up the Armour in here. Use the Snooper to take out the two guards back at the tunnel. This should be done within the camp itself to avoid detection from elsewhere.

Go the right of the camp and crouch along to this place here and spy on two enemies outside the Compound gates. One patrols back and forth outside, kill him as he reaches the left hand end of his route. An Officer in the hut above the gates will take two shots. One to break the window and one to kill him. Ensure you have two shots ready ! These last two shots need to be done in quick succession as the Officer will rush to an alarm when the window breaks.

Run down to the gates, staying to the right. Move around the Sentry Box until you reach this position. Leave only the left hand half of the Water Tower in view. A guard patrols around the top of the tower and must be shot on the left hand side of that tower or his death is seen by others failing the mission.

Leaning like this should give you time to get ready for the shot.

When he's taken out move forward slightly until you get a clear shot on the soldier patrolling at the back of the truck under that roof. Wait until he reaches the right of his route then let him have it.

From here, your binoculars will give you a glimpse of the all important last man who must not be killed.

Don't go in the gates, but run down the left of the Compound. Walk as you approach this open window. Crouch and use the board here to climb in.

Objective 3

Stay crouched, turn right and knife this Officer.

Turn around and go up to this table. Collect the scoped Mauser on it and go through this window.

See those crates and that gate. You will want the gate soon, but first run across to the crates, and use them to climb on to the wall. Turn right, and jump on to the roof of that building to the right.

Walk across that wire to the other building and climb up to the vent shaft.

Jump down on to the beam to reach this secret area.

Secret Area

Pick up the supplies and Armour, then blast those gas cylinders. Stand clear first, unlike me this time around. The resulting explosion will blast open a crate revealing some more treasure.

Leave via the only door and run across to the gate next to the crates that you originally climbed to get in here. On the left will be this building. Carefully open the door. Note those power boxes off to the right.

Inside, this Officer wanders about. Ensure you are ready to nail him quick.

Go back outside and sprint across to the boxes. Use them as cover to move closer to the truck stop area.

It's now a simple matter of boarding the truck and exiting.

Objective 1

Objective 4

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