Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance  Part 2: Rocket Base
1) Locate Main Control Room.
2) Terminate launch of V2 Rocket.
3) Locate exit and proceed to the outer compound.

You start off in the back of this truck. Wait until you hear a tannoy announcement then lower the tailgate. Creep out and turn right. You will hear footsteps. A technician will round a corner and walk away from you. If you stay crouched there should be no problem.

If you feel daring, turn right where the technician appeared from until you can see this cage here. As a rocket test roars in the background try creeping in to it. If you make it, you can wait inside it until you reach the far end of a train ride on a lower floor. This walkthrough however continues as if you had been spotted or were carrying on as below.

Instead of trying to get into the cage, go after the technician and kill him. This will kick off an alert. Rush up the stairs and kill all opposition. Watch for a guy on the footway above. You can't get in the doors off to the left so carry on down that passageway in the distance to the right of this shot.

During the chaos you will hear that soldiers are coming up in an elevator. Wait here and they will appear at the end of this corridor. Also, two more may emerge from the door on the right. If they don't come out, go in and get them

Here they are. Elsewhere in this barrack area is a Flak Jacket if needed.

Going back to the passageway now, run to the end and get in this lift. Throw the lever and turn your back to it as the lift descends.

At the bottom, edge out and nail another technician. Move out more to get a patrolling guard.

Even if the container did not lower, throw the lever near the technician's work station. The train will roll and you can follow it along the rails if you wish.

After a couple of turns you will reach an opening with two guards, one either side of a canyon. A fall here is lethal.

After more twists and turns you reach this area. There is another technician to kill. He is soon followed by two more Germans arriving in a lift.

Ride the lift up. At the top you will see three guys around a piece of machinery. Shooting the unit takes them all out in one hit. Step out and turn right.

Climb up these metal rungs set in the wall. At the top turn right again.

A lone soldier guards a doorway.

In this first room are three scientists. That door on the right leads to the Rocket Control Room.

Objective 1

In the Control Room are more enemies to confront. The self destruct switch is on the console to the left of the window.

Here it is. Activate it and watch out the window as the Rocket explodes.

Objective 2

Head back out and go down the ladder. You can't take the lift now as it plunges to oblivion. Your only way out is via these doors. Shoot at what you can via the opening and make sure you use the health packs this side before going through as these doors will close behind you.

There's only one way out of the rocket area, through a long tunnel. As you round corners more soldiers will come at you.

Take this bridge quickly and look right.

This will give you the edge over more that pass below you.

Around this corner is a supply area. You may wish to run past here first to trigger more guards. Doing this will stop them surprising you whilst you top up.

100 points worth of Armour and more are yours.

Reaching this point sets off a charge on a footbridge. Eliminate opposition quickly and run across the crumbling structure.

At the end of the bridge this guy rushes out guns blazing.

Turning the corner he emerged from will take you to this room. Behind that corner on the left is a guard so be warned. However, behind that picture centre left is a panel hiding some gold. Shoot the picture and activate the panel button. The button is under that table on the right.

There it is.

Secret Area

Carrying on through another door brings you back to the area where you climbed out of the truck. You will ultimately need to take the door that this guy is rushing out of, but first, move up to the right side of that pillar ahead.

Objective 3

Taking out the few soldiers in the loading bay will make it easier for you in a moment.

Going through the door now brings you in here. Head up the steps.

On the first flight turn about to avoid bullets in the back. Go through the door up top.

This brings you to a walkway above the loading bay. Head for the corner far right.

Break through this grating to exit.

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