Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance  Part 4: Air Base Assault
1) Gain access to Kobra.
2) Prep Kobra for launch.
3) Capture Kobra and fly to OSA Airbase in Malta.

You start off in a shaft. Move forward until you get a view of the runway.

A plane starts to take off so use this noise cover to snipe two or three soldiers on or around the tower off to the right. One has a Mauser. You need to get him for sure.

As you do this a truck comes down the runway. It will stop about halfway down and six or so will get out. A couple of these have Mausers. On this level they are very accurate and need to be dropped fast, otherwise your health will fall at an alarming rate. You can try getting them one at a time  as they disembark, but if they get to deploy retreat back down the tunnel.

If this happens, carefully edge forward, pop up to get a view, then drop back down. If you get an angle on someone, pop back up and loose off a round and drop back down again. Eventually you can get everyone on the tarmac.

Head out and to the right. Don't drop down to the runway level yet. If an alarm is blaring it can be silenced by climbing up the tower. You will notice a grating at the base of the tower. Ignore it.

This spot will give you a good viewpoint to survey where everything is. It will also allow you to mop up any remaining enemies. This view shows a guard tower and a large door. You will need to head this way in a while.

For now, you want to explore over here. That plane on the runway is not the one that you want to steal.

Head back towards the starting vent shaft and drop down to the runway at this point. Run towards those hangars.

In the first one is a supply crate in the far corner.

It contains a Panzerfaust that will come in handy.

Collecting these goodies triggers more guards outside, so carefully open up the door and use your scope. Generally, they will emerge from the left.

In the next hangar are two more guards to kill. Again, that is not the plane that you are trying to steal.

Once more you will have additional company, this time from the direction of these crates.

Take a moment to survey this scene. You don't need to go off to the left unless you want to look around. That tunnel, the one that the truck came out of, is a dead end, and you can't access that hangar across the way. It looks like there has been a fire in there though. It does have an amusing note pinned up outside !

When all is done, head back towards the base.

Carefully open this door and get ready to shoot.

To start, this is the only soldier in view. He's next to some supplies on the racks and that doorway. Kill him and before going further lean to the right.

There are three more goons to deal with before you go looking around.

Through that other door is another, who, if given the chance will kick that table over. There are more goodies in here.

Back outside, turn right and head off towards this gate and tower.

Climb the ladder and throw the switch inside.

As the gate drops, more Germans approach from behind. Snipe them from your tower.

Go down the ladder and carefully round the corner to the left. Get these two by this van.

Using the van as cover get this guy. He carries a Panzerfaust. On the other side of the truck are more Mauser rounds.

Carefully start to round the corner behind the van and lean to get a look at this structure. You want to go through the hangar doors but a sniper is lurking around that gantry area.

Get his position through the scope before moving out to hit him. He is an accurate shot too, so look out.

Enter through the open doors but be prepared for a three man mini ambush.

Objective 1

You will need to take the steps in the far corner to get to that door up and to the left.

Here, though, is the plane you are going to steal. You can't reach it yet.

Head through the door upstairs, turn right and climb up more steps.

The door on the left leads to the plane but is locked for now. Go through the opening where you will encounter a Technician to the left.

In this hallway are three doors. These two towards the left and one on the right. Don't go through the right hand one yet. Pick the nearest one here first.

You can listen to the pleading technician, then throw the switch in here. Go out and take the other door nearby.

More technicians abound in here, and they carry guns. Clear them out and then throw this switch as well. The Kobra is now prepared for launch, although you still have a hatch to open.

Objective 2

This will bring guards running back down the corridor. Open the door and let them have it.

Here's the third and final door. Go through it and open another door and rush outside.

This brings you onto the gantry area. More importantly, six or so paratroopers rain from the sky. Equip the Thompson and shoot their chutes. This is the most efficient way to deal with them.

One of these troopers will land on your level. Get him before he arrives and causes you trouble.

It's likely that you didn't get all of the troopers as they came down. If so, run back to the top of the stairs that you came up and equip the Panzerfaust. Whatever survivors come through the door at the bottom they should be easy meat.

Go back outside and climb the gantry ladders to the very top.

Go through the door and down the hall.

In this room is a wheel to turn to complete your pre flight tasks. Behind those crates is a guy waiting to ambush you.

Go back to the door at the top of the inside stairs that was previously locked. This man has come down and opened it for you.

Go up the stairs and clear out this launch room.

Open these doors and at last you can climb aboard.

Objective 3

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