Mission 4: Deadly Designs  Part 3: The Train Yards
1) Gain access to main Warehouse complex.
2) Locate the primary lift and proceed to the Secret Weapons Facility.

More bombed out ruins. Go for that door to the right.

Turning left brings this guy rushing in. Kill him and move up to the arch halfway along this passage.

This does two things: it shields you from Panzerfausts from the left and it gives you a view of an enemy through the window about 10 or 11 o'clock.

Exit this passage fast and shelter behind a chimney to the left. Leaning to the right will give you a view on three more enemies.

Here is a closer look at them. One of the two on the roof has a Panzerfaust. From here, the Snooper will help take them all out with the minimum of fuss.

Move back until you reach this ladder. Moving down it triggers three more soldiers from the building across the tracks. Just go down a little way, climb back up and spin about to get the rise on them.

This is where they came from. Pick up a dropped rocket and go inside for more health and Armour.

Go back outside, move to the left and get the Panzerfaust ready. As you advance to here one of the carriage doors will open revealing paratroopers. Loose off one or two rockets to deal with them.

Run up to the carriage and dispense with any survivors.

Jump up and run across to those stairs. Go up enough to give you cover on your left hand side. You will be fired on from the left as you go.

Use the Snooper and lean back to get a fix on this guy on the top floor.

For better or worse he is here.

Go back through the train and turn right. With that last guy done for you are free to get the first secret on this level. Run up to this ladder and climb up. Up top, collect ammo and jump back onto the top of the ladder.

From here you are trying to reach that opening in the car off to the right. Standing on top of the cage at the top of the ladder run forward. Don't jump just run forward. You should land perfectly on that nearer open door without taking any damage. Run along now and drop through the gap.

In here is ammo supplies and gold.

Secret Area

Leave the car and turn right. Head in this direction to reach the main warehouse.

This is the entrance. As you go in a paratrooper appears up top.

Objective 1

To the left inside are more men. One is behind this pile of crates, another is also on the top level.

Before climbing up, move to the column to the right, lean around it and use the flamethrower to ignite these two that run out of a set of double doors. You will need to go through those doors but first go back up the ladder and turn right.

Across the way up here is a room that you can't enter. Moving the other side of that column though brings a guard in that room running. From here it is easier to kill him than when you would otherwise encounter him later. Shoot through the glass.

Go back down and enter the double doors. This trooper guards the way. To the left of him is door that only contains an unarmed scientist, you can ignore it. Note the door ahead.

A bit further on and to the left again is this guy. In the room beyond is another soldier. There's not much up here other than ammo to pick up. Head through the door that was ahead of you previously.

In here is a control room housing two switches and one trooper. Ahead is the first of a pair of locked doors. Kill him and press both buttons to unlock two sets of doors.

Go through that now unlocked door. Upstairs are these two ways to go. The one on the right is more or less empty. The left hand one contains two more geeks and a Flak Jacket.

One of these is armed. The jacket is at the back on the table.

Go back downstairs past the control room, back into the hallway and turn left. These doors, the second of the unlocked set, lead to the next part of this level.

Just beyond them it seems deserted.

Up and to the left is this trooper. Use the scoped Mauser on him.

Keep to the wall and edge to the right of the column in front of you. Another is hiding behind these crates.

Move forward, turn about and check this one out.

Move to the left of the column now and go forward to a crate. Use it for cover as two more emerge from the basement level.

Moving towards the basement ramp gives you your first view of the primary lift you require at the far end. The doors are locked shut at the moment.

Turn around and go through this doorway. Climb up some more stairs but be careful as you near the top.

As you past the column on your left this guy snipes at you. He is actually in a secret area so killing him now will help you out later. 

At the top now, and we are looking in the direction of the switch to unlock the lift doors. It's at the far end of this floor. Note the door off to the right. Go in there for more supplies.

At the far end now is this panel. Open it and press the button. It opens the lift doors that are directly beneath you now.

Objective 2

Before going back down carry on around this upper area until you get to here. Sprint and jump across to reach the secret area. Avoid trying to jump whilst being directly beneath those lights. They will impede you and make you fall taking damage.

Across the gap now, and the secret room is through that door. Throw the switch on the console here to aid getting back.

Secret Area

That switch brought this platform over. Jump onto it and then across to get back to the stairs. Mind the lights again.

The lift is yours to enter.

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