Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground  Part 2: X-Labs
1) Locate and procure Deathshead's Project Book.
2) Locate entrance to main Uber Soldat gestation area.

Ahead lies a pair of doors and a corridor to the right. Sneak up to the corner.

A couple of lackeys try to hide. They are armed so give them a taste.

Go back to the double doors and crouch to the left of them. Open them and use your scope to view a soldier behind another upturned table. Another scientist may lurk on the top floor.

Going forward brings you into a hall with three other entrances. From the right, door 3, a few guards come rushing. After their deaths it's not worth going that way. Turn left to passageway 1, the other route (number 2) is secured.

There may be a couple of guards down here, either way move forward noting a ladder to the right as you go.

Climb up and look around for supplies. Drop back down and continue.

On the right is a secure door. In here lies the project book, but you can't get in there yet. Carefully open the other set of doors. Remember this spot.

There's a lot to look at in here. If they weren't in the corridor to start with, there will be two guards right behind this door to deal with. There's another scientist cowering on the right. May as well kill him too. There will be another sentry on the grating above. A Loper is strutting in it's cage, and this will break out as you enter. From here you may also spot another pair of doors on the top floor to the right. You need to wipe out all opposition in here (except the Loper) before proceeding, then run like hell to that ladder ahead.

As the Loper breaks out, climb up and head for those upper doors. Here they are now on your left. Go through fast and the Loper will not follow.

Keep heading forward until you reach this scene. Three more Lopers will escape from their pens and massacre everyone in here. Just stand back and watch the fireworks. It may be tempting to try and kill these beasts but it will just waste ammunition. You still meet the same Lopers in the same places later on. This area holds the project book that you need but you still can't get in there yet. Run across to the other doors in the far corner.

Turn right and head down the short corridor to this window. As you look through a scientist is hurled at it. If this doesn't sh*t you up nothing in the game will. The Loper responsible will come after you. Run back out the doors and back up far enough until you are satisfied that it will not follow you.

Creep back to the doors, open them and lean around. Use my favourite Loper disposal technique. Lean and squirt off some flames. As it cooks it will give chase again, so back up until it dies. It's now time to get the project book. Carry on back to the spot that I told you to remember.

Keep to the left, open the doors then lean out to squirt this one guarding the entrance to the project book room. Edge out to the right if you need to get a clearer shot.

After he has fried you will notice that this entrance is now broken open. Go in.

The project book is on the table here.

Objective 1

Return again to the corridor where the scientist met the double glazing. Edge out and forward from here. A scientist below will sh*t himself as another Loper zaps him. Let it see you then once again double back through the doors. Return carefully when it has given up the chase and use the lean and flame technique. What would you have done without me ?

Carry on forward over the grated floor until you reach these two sets of doors, both will lead to nasty surprises but you can use them to your advantage, hopefully. Go right first.

Behind the first set of doors is a supply room. There is a lot of health and Armour as well as much Venom ammo and Panzerfausts in here. Note, as like the rest of the game, the crated rockets can't be fired until you pick up a single Panzerfaust lying somewhere. In this level, that item is found later on. Go through the other doors shown in here now.

You are back above the hall way you encountered earlier. Any more movement forward brings a Loper running from below left. That's what you want though. Run up to the barrier ahead, immediately turn around and run through both sets of doors that you just entered. The Loper below will jump up and start running after you.

The set of doors ahead of you now, that were previously on your left before you entered the supply area, need to be opened. Behind at the end is a Prototype Super Soldier. A quick blast from any weapon will make him turn and head your way. If you run back to the corridor where the scientist smacked into the window this should leave the pursuing Loper and this Prototype to shoot it out between them.

In case it doesn't quite work out that way use the lean and flame technique to burn the legless freak and Venom the Proto from around a corner like this. Usually, in any case, the Proto will be left standing and will require this treatment. Enter into the area that the Prototype was standing in.

Beneath that pipe under the grating another Loper is waiting. His shock from below will seriously deplete your health if he sees you so once more lean and burn from up here.

Towards the end of the walkway jump up onto the rails on the left and look down on this part. Jump into the water below.

Use whatever breathing spaces you can to avoid damage or death. When you reach this area ignore that opening to the left, it's a dead end. Go through those steel doors.

Keeping moving through more sections until you reach this junction. Note the area with the pillars, but head off to the right first.

Climb up this ladder to reach the only secret area in the Labs.

Secret Area

Collect various items then look out the window as another scientist fills his pants and gets zapped. Often, after this, the Loper meets it's demise at the hands of a Panzerfaust wielding Prototype. It will then blast the doors in on you. Although it will not enter, head back down to the underwater junction and turn right.

Amongst the pillars that you saw earlier is this ladder. Climb up until you are near the top.

Off to the right as you climb up this Prototype chases another Loper. Don't stand as high as this shot suggests or you will cop it, good old 'no target' ! In the background is another supply area.

As the Prototype dishes out Venom on the other monstrosity return the favour from this corner. If you get it right the Loper will die in the process too.

Here are the supplies. Note the individual Panzerfaust that will allow you to fire all the others you may have gathered.

Head off to where the freak show shoot out was and go through these double doors.

In here another Loper, yes there's a lot of them about, fights it out with some soldiers. Let the battle end then use your flamer to kill the thing then go down to their level.

From this shot that large grey door on the left contains the next part of your mission. It also houses two more Prototypes. To 'open sesame' head off to that control room off to the right.

Pull that lever and then jump into that rusty coloured pool just outside.

As the large door rises shimmy up the ladder and get the Mauser out. You don't want to be this high. You need to be a bit further down.

This is the kind of view you want to avoid returning fire but to still make telling shots. One of the lumbering machines might try to get up the stairs but you should still be able to snipe him. When they are finished go into where they came from.

If at this point you are in need of Armour etc. and you had left some at the first supply room, here is a quick way to get back there. You certainly want to make sure you are fully loaded with Panzerfausts (5), before leaving this level. Return to where you last climbed out of the water and go through those double doors.

Climb up that ladder, turn around and go through the doors on the right. You will be back in familiar territory.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, here's a closer look at the exit. This is where the last two Prototypes emanated from. Pull that switch on the wall to activate the exit.

Objective 2

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