Mission 1: Ominous Rumours  Part 1: Escape
1) Escape the Dungeon by any means necessary
2) Locate the Exit to the Lower Keep

Time to roll. Step over your first victim but don't overlook his Luger on the floor. There's only one way to go from here so turn right and head upstairs until you reach a torture chamber.

You will hear a so-called scientist muttering to himself. Utilising crouch or walk keys silently go through the gate and move up as he turns his back to you and knife him. Any shooting down here will bring another guard running.

Go out of the other gate to the right of the sink, turn left and quietly climb the stairs. At this point you will have completed Objective 1. Ahead, a soldier walks with his back to you. Move into the opening shown on the left. Although there is a door in here it will not open for you. Instead, lean around the corner and wait for the soldier to disappear out of sight.

Objective 1

When he has gone use stealth to creep up to a guy tuning a radio. Again, knife him quietly. Collect the MP40 and ammunition on the rack to the left and load up.

Move after the first sentry you saw but beware, he meets another crony along here. You could use a knife here but with two of them in close proximity use your gun instead.

Climb the series of stairs until you reach the door leading outside. Go through and immediately jump on to the low wall that starts on the right.

Quickly jump on to the small roof below and to the right, and then carefully jump to the ground.

Under this roof is another door but ignore it for the moment, you will come back to it later. You want to head to the door in the opposite corner of the courtyard shown here. Sprint across and go through.

Quietly climb up and knife this scrotum scratching goon. After, turn back and go down to the very bottom of the spiral staircase.

Down here the door on the right leads back to where you first encountered soldiers, you don't need to go back that way. Instead, kick through the wooden planks to collect some Mauser rounds.

Secret Area

Go back up again until you reach this door to the radio room. Go in and round the first corner to the right. Carefully approach the second corner and lean around.

If all has gone to plan the alarm should not be sounding and you can hear an Officer giving his orders to a guard. Wait until he has finished and let them turn there backs to you. Of  course, if the alarm is going you'll need to chuck stealth out the window and go in guns blazing.

Otherwise, move carefully forward and knife these two starting with the guy on the left. In here is more ammo and health if needed. You can claim the binoculars off the table but be careful as a sniper may have his sight on the opening to the right.

Next to the alarm box is a map board on the wall. Break through to collect some hidden gold.

Secret Area

Return to the staircase and climb to the top. Outside patrols a lone guard. Utilising the lean key you can open and watch for an opportunity to creep up behind him and despatch him with a knife thrust.

From the battlements up here you may get a clear shot of another Guard patrolling under the flag across the yard. He has a Mauser so if possible finish him quickly and cleanly.

From the other side of the turret is another vantage point on the Mauser Guard if needed, otherwise use the pylon as a ladder to drop down a level or two and climb the stairs shown ahead. Turn right at the top. Don't forget to collect the Mauser on the way !

Enter the door on the left, but don't go all the way in. Off to the left is an Officer who should be done in quickly. Once this is accomplished turn back around and go outside.

Another German has come to investigate. Kill him and go back inside the room now.

Quickly turn left and run to the end of the room. As you do this it triggers the guards below to fire through the floor. Move back towards them and use your position to nail these two and any others that come to support them.

Once this hallway is cleared drop down and turn about. Ahead of you should be a seemingly solid wall. A few shots or a carefully laid grenade should reveal a hole leading to a secret room. Break open the cupboard in that hidden room. Once done in here go through the other door shown in this shot.

Secret Area

This leads back outside and off the left is the small rooftop that you dropped onto when you first emerged outside earlier. It's time to go in the door here that you ignored before. Beware as there may be a few Guards in the room or outside in the yard itself.

Between a few bunks in here are some offset floor stones. Break them to reveal more hidden loot.

Secret Area

Backtrack and go through the last of the three doors in the hallway. You may need to eliminate another nosy German.

Turn left and go to the opening on the right. You will meet another soldier here. The other door in this shot is locked at the moment.

Down this hallway though, you have two more doors. An Officer and his chum will come out to investigate. Kill both and any others that arrive.

Open the door on the right first and get ready to quickly kill a soldier in here with a Mauser.

Turn to your right and locate this crooked candle holder on the wall. Activate it.

Turn about and watch the wall recede like my hairline. Collect more Nazi Gold.

Secret Area

Leave this room and go through the other door dead ahead. You may encounter these two.

After killing the attendant krauts if needed,  look to your left. See the portrait of Hitler ? Jump on the table, break his face in and collect … more of the gold stuff.

Secret Area

Leave that room now by the other door and head into this hallway. As you round the first corner you will see two panels set back slightly in the stonework. Both will show you the utilise icon but you must activate the left one to open up the entrance via the right one.

Voila ! Take the Chalice on the table.

Secret Area

Carry on down the hall until you reach these doorways. The one on the left will yield some handy Mauser rounds, the other leads to the exit from this level. Well done agent !

Objective 2

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