Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground  Part 3: X-Labs Super Soldier Chamber
1) Pursue Deathshead to the Uber Soldat Test Lab.
2) Eliminate Deathshead's Uber Soldat.
3) Locate exit and proceed to surface.

As you begin there is another switch to pull. Activate it then get ready to move fast. Get under the door quick.

Head to the corner on the left and lean around to watch this monster close on you fast. Make sure the Venom is ready.

Edge out and hammer him is best you can. You may have your Panzerfausts but you want to save them for later. Taking damage is o.k. as nearby is 100% worth of Armour.

Beyond the crumpled Prototype is this area with health too.

At this point there are two stairways. Run up to the doors, which you can't open by the way, then retreat back to where you nailed the Proto. You will hear approaching footsteps.

This time a couple of normal humans move in. Use your Sten on these two.

Go back to the stairs and take a right. Turn left and edge up to the far corner. Around the bend you can see this flamethrower git. Get out your Paratroop Rifle or Thompson if you have at least a clip left.

Bring the flamer down quickly but back up as another Proto advances.

Although this one fires rockets you want to preserve yours for the next scene. You can use one or two Panzerfausts on this thing but where you can use the corners and normal firepower to bring it down. Take your time to preserve your heavy weapons.

As he gets worn down he approaches corners more slowly allowing you to make more accurate shots.

If you have a full compliment of rockets at this time use one or two to finish it off.

You can collect more by picking of it's body.

Go back and collect health etc. if needed then run to where the flamer guy was. This door will have opened and your left with the less than intimidating presence of another techie.

Before heading out the doors you might want to pop down and look at Super Soldiers friends gestating. You can get in from this end.

When you reach this part you can spot Deathshead in a room off to the right. Shooting him from here will achieve nothing but moving forward kicks in a cut-scene.

Objective 1

When it finishes you are left confronting his Super Soldier. As quick as you can run to the barrier on the right.

Jump up and over and head into that area beneath Deathshead.

Here comes a bit of a cop-out. Jumping up onto that console and crouching confuses the not so Super Soldier.

Amazingly he loses the ability to see through glass and wanders around on the other side wondering where you are.

Use this to your advantage by manoeuvring to the right hand end of the room as you look at the Super Soldier. He too is right handed, as this set up is, so this is the safest option. Hang back the first time you do this.

Now's the time to make use of your hoarded Panzerfausts.

Each time you make a direct hit a technician will appear above. Rush back underneath and use your Sten to deal with him. Don't forget the old hop on the console routine.

When you run out of rockets switch to the Venom / Para Rifle / Sten to finish it off. Not looking so super now is he. Pick up his Tesla and look towards the door he originated from.

Objective 2

As the door raises nail this geek.

There are several more hiding around the corners in here. You need to go right and right again to carry on.

More vermin litter the stairway.

As does this one.

Through another door and you are now above where you fought the Super Soldier. Rush through that door ahead.

Take the left of these two doors and ride the lift up.

Press that far button to open the door ...

Objective 3

… and watch Deathshead, the sh*tbag, escape.

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