Mission 6: Return Engagement  Part 1: Bramburg Dam
1) Get across the Bramburg Dam.
2) Destroy communications equipment.
3) Locate the road to Paderborn.

You start this level just to the left of this shot. Move to the right to get a good view of the whole dam as this photo shows.

Three targets await the silent Snooper you carry. First, snuff out the guard in the furthest watchtower on the far side.

On the dam itself two paratroopers patrol. Hit both.

Head left and note the truck to the left and the ladder on the right of this shot.

Creep around the front of the truck to knife the driver in the back, then head to the ladder.

Here is a clearer view of it.

Head down to a platform then go to the top of another ladder. At this point a guard comes out of a door below. Take your time to Sten him.

Drop down, go through the door he came out of, then lean and flame these two repair men.

Run up the corridor to this door on the left.

As you approach this soldier nears the other side. Get ready to shoot him as the door opens. Inside you will note a locked door on the right, a secret room, and a lift ahead of you.

Edge up to the lift shaft and Snooper the paratrooper at the top.

Send the lift up empty and break the grate that reveals underneath it.

Secret Area

Follow the shaft to the secret room. Leave and call the lift back down. Ride it up this time to this room. Collect that helmet on the shelf then carefully open the door.

Outside to the left another guard will be hanging around, or, depending on where he dropped, he will go to investigate one of the corpses you left on the dam at the start of this level. Use the Sten on him. You will need to go in his direction to complete the crossing.

To the right is an area you need to clear out first before finally crossing the dam.

In this room are two more men to do away with. There is also a Stein of Lager in here for stamina. Don't worry about the watchtower, it is empty despite the searchlight.

Head back across the dam. Reaching this point completes an objective.

Objective 1

To the left two more victims come out. Head through their door.

Up those stairs you go.

In here is another German and to the left the communications room.

Destroy the radios and the two attendant workers. More supplies, and the vent shaft to the next part, are in the corner. Climb up and proceed through the vent.

Objective 2

If the alarm hasn't sounded you should reach this grill at the end unhindered. Shoot through to kill these two. Jump through and climb the steps behind them.

Take that left door first. Come back to the other doors in a minute.

More roast Germans. Take another door to the left for more stock up.

100% Armour for you.

Back up to the double doors and fry this paratrooper. Go to the door on the right of him.

Open, lean, wait a few seconds for an approaching Nazi, and baste until satisfied.

Down in this corner may be another target for your weapons. Otherwise, go through that door.

Outside are a few more foot soldiers to confront.

Head for that hut across the way.

Inside is a switch to open those gates.

Off to Paderborn.

Objective 3

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