Mission 6: Return Engagement  Part 2: Paderborn Village
1) Eliminate 5 key SS Paranormal operatives.
2) Gain access to Chateau Schufstaffel.
3) Ensure alarm is not sounded.

Your second village of the game. This one is a bit harder in that you need to be very quiet as you go. Head forward and approach the right hand corner.

Although you will want to preserve your Snooper rounds for a later level use one to drop a guard that patrols a footpath ahead.

Walk to where he was. Note the arch to the left. This is your route to take in a moment but you have a name on your list to deal with first. Go through the smaller arch ahead and lean to open the door on the left.

Two cold Nazis warm up by the fire. Careful use of the Sten, your primary weapon for this level, will get you by them quietly. There's a doorway to the left of the fireplace.

Up here a Paranormal Officer awaits his wife. The knife or Sten claims your first target.

Objective 1 - 1st of 5

Visit his wife in the room next door ! Don't shoot her with ANY weapon to hand o.k. ?!
In that trunk at the foot of the bed is more filthy Nazi gold.

Secret Area

Go back outside and duck down that other archway you saw earlier. Don't carry on down the stairs to the left of this shot, but break the lock on this small door and enter.

Eventually you will emerge in this room.

Secret Area

Through another door and you get the chance to knife an Alchemist for a change. Go to the door shown but stay on the left and lean to open.

Time to use another Snooper round on a sentry looking out the window at the end of this alley.

Walk up the alley but stop just before the end. A couple of things to look for: 1) A guard waits obliviously around the corner, you can Sten him if you are confident, or use another Snooper round 2) There is a drainpipe leading up to the window where the guard was looking out. In there are more Snooper rounds for you to stock up on. Don't collect them yet, that moment will arrive shortly.

Secret Area

The soldier on the ground was outside this hotel. Again you will want the route off to the right, but first pop in to check another General out.

Just inside the main door a woman runs from right to left. Don't shoot her or the mission ends. Move to the right until you hear these two talking about sauerkraut. More skilful use of the Sten should see them dead quickly and quietly. There's a lot of food, ammo and Armour in here.

Go upstairs to assassinate this General listening to some music.

Objective 1 - 2nd of 5

Go further up and look out this window to the far left. Through that door arrives another silent Snooper victim. Now is a good time to go back and climb up that drainpipe earlier and collect the extra Snooper rounds.

Carrying on up the footpath brings you to this part. Through that door to the left is another target on your wish list but it is better to leave him until later. That gate ahead is locked and is patrolled by a guard. Lean and use your binoculars to observe a good time to run forward. You want to head down a turning off to the right a little way short of that gate.

Down that right turn is this small courtyard. Turn left and hug this wall as another officer on your list admires the Moon from the balcony above. Don't try shooting him from here, go down some stairs and through a wooden door. '38 Latour anyone ?

In this wine cellar is a fed up soldier looking for that very wine. Just where is it ? Knife or Sten, its your choice.

A little bit further on from the wine rack is this archway. Don't go through there yet, instead wander over to those barrels in the corner.

Pressing that plug in the cask opens up a trap door in that hard to see corner. Crouch and slip through. Apart from more yellow stuff is a ladder to climb and a panel to open.

Secret Area

Take care here ! The panel that opened was actually a bookcase from this side. Move forward, and as you look ahead at this point you can see that door in the far hallway. Between here and that door is another door on the right, out of sight in this shot, that will be opened occasionally. Move closer to it, wait for it to open and shut, then move forward to that far door. It will hang ajar for a few seconds.

Go through and hook a left in the bedroom to get to this target.

Objective 1 - 3rd of 5

Head back now to that opening door in the hallway. Wait for it to open, wait just a moment then move out to quietly kill the soldier who keeps on opening it. You need to give just a brief pause to let him turn his back to you.

Here is that git. Kill him then walk out on to the terrace.

Turn left and jump over the barrier. Turn left again.

You are now the other side of the gate that was locked earlier. You can open it from this side.

Through the gate on the right is the building that contained another name on your list but you bypassed earlier. Go through that smaller door at the bottom of the stairs.

In here you can home in on your next victim with ease.

Objective 1 - 4th of 5

Going through that archway takes you back to the wine cellar.

Down in the cellar again you can now take that arch to the left instead of the secret passage next to the kegs.

Eventually you will reach this guard who has decided to come in and warm up a bit.

In the far corner of this room is this door. Lean to open and wait for a guard in that archway to disappear then rush outside and down the steps to the left.

In this shot are four possible exits. From left to right they are: 1) A door leading to a p*ssed soldier and more Snooper rounds 2) Up the steps is your last death list candidate 3) That other smaller door will not open, and 4) Off to the right is the next part of this level. Visit the drunkard in the left door.

Here he is with the long lost '38 Latour. Beyond him on the floor are more precious Snooper rounds. Even though he's nearly legless you must kill him. Go back outside and up the nearest steps.

In here is your last objective target. Also shoot out the Hitler portrait behind him to reveal a switch.

Objective 1 - completed

This will open up another secret room.

Secret Area

Back into the yard and take the other steps up. A careful approach will let you get the jump on this German.

Past him is another yard. Jump over the wall and keep to the left of that far arch.

Objective 2

Through the passageway are two conversing soldiers, and beyond them is a gate.

Carefully lean right through that gate and dispose of your last enemy on this level.

Objective 3

Exit here.

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