Mission 6: Return Engagement  Part 4: Unhallowed Ground
1) Locate site of "Anointing Ceremony".
2) Destroy all Super Soldiers.

Outside it's still dark. This is why you have been saving most of your Snooper rounds over the last few levels. In that courtyard beyond are three foot soldiers to kill. They require the Sten only though.

Raid the back of the truck parked here if necessary.

Leave via the gates and turn right. Hug the wall.

Through the gloom the Snooper comes into it's own. Ahead you will see two soldiers near a wall. Use the Snooper to kill both.

Collect the Tesla Cells in the hut and turn back the way you came. You can't get over the barb wire barricade. It's a dead end beyond anyway.

Pass the gates you came out of, and whilst keeping to the left move to the left of the beginning of this wall.

Move up to about half way along, no more, and get the Snooper out again.

Almost directly ahead is an Elite Guard in front of a tree. If you move much closer you will be shot by her Mauser. Take time to steady down before firing.

Turn right, cross over the wall and carefully go up the rise. Ahead lies one or two more Elite Guards.

Looking left now you should be able to see a doorway set in the wall. If the second bitch didn't appear cross over.

Scan the house that's about 1 o'clock from here.

If she still needs attending to she will be near the wall to the right. Easy prey for the Snooper.

Either way head up to the house keeping to the right of the rise.

You should be able to squeeze along a narrow ledge until you reach this gap in the wall. Around that corner is another girl.

Kill her from here but stay back. A troublesome soldier with a Mauser is nearby.

Back up to the door in the wall that you scanned the house from initially and move forward until the wall stops. Directly ahead is that very alert sniper.

Through the mist you should just be able to make out his form at the end of the wall. It's difficult to get a good fix, but moving forward much more will bring you into his field of fire.

You are now free to explore the house. In here is plenty of Health and some grenades.

Run to the snipers wall and head up that second rise directly ahead.

Keeping to the left and walking or crawling forward you will hear a Sten being cocked. In those ruins ahead is another leather clad Guard.

Skirt to the left and shoot quickly through the first window space. Back up to the beginning of the rise. This time edge forward but towards the right.

Out of the gloom another tree will appear with this girl on a platform. She is hard to spot at first and you must not get too close. Steady yourself again and use the night scoped Snooper to maximum effect.

You are free to explore inside the ruined house now. As you approach the chimney stack lightning will hit it. Apart from filling your pants, the falling masonry with also fill the floor in here with small holes. Look around for small breakable cracks indicated by the hand icon.

Shoot through to open up a sizeable gap. Down here is the only secret on this level, and more gold than you could possibly carry. Well, it's only a game. To exit from down there you only have one door to open.

Secret Area

This will bring you to an earlier part of the level, and it will also bring you face to face with two more Elite Guards.

When you can, run back to the ruined house and pick a good spot to scan for this gateway ahead. Two more Elite's are hanging around here. Two more Snooper victims await.

More orientation. Off to the right is the next part of this level. To help you at that later stage, go through the gateway on the left to pick up some Panzerfausts. Don't touch the machine gun or this will bring some VERY accurate Elite women running.

The Panzerfausts lie to the left of a bridge through the gate. As you approach a tremor hits the area. Don't worry, you can collect these safely.

Carrying on along the other route requires equipping the Snooper scope. Ahead lies a truck with two more women in attendance. Scope them out and clear the way.

In the back of this truck are more supplies if needed. Through that archway ahead is a confrontation with two Super Soldiers. Make sure you stock up here as moving through the arch brings it crashing down to seal you in.

Objective 1

Here is the scene as you enter the arena. Your first Super Soldier is at the far side. Equip the Panzerfausts.

To the left of the ruins are two areas like this with ammo and weapons.

To the right is an area with Health and Armour. Both have crates lying around to give you much needed over.

Pick a column to snuggle up to then lean to mark your first target.

You should have several rockets to use to decimate the first enemy whilst sustaining little damage by ducking back behind cover.

At some point in the initial battle, when the first Super Soldier has taken so much damage, another will come bursting through this door. Make a priority of bringing down the first one quickly so that you do not face two at once.

More rockets lay around if needed otherwise use your Venom around corners to finish off number 2.

As he drops more lightning rains down to reveal the exit.

Objective 2

Make sure you stock up on everything you can, even robbing the Super Soldiers corpses, before dropping down.

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