Mission 7: Operation Resurrection  Part 1: The Dig
1) Pursue SS Paranormal Division Operatives through the dig site.
2) Locate alternate entrance to Castle Wolfenstein.

Down in the dig site you will see this opening in the corner. Wait until you hear a door open, then close, before moving slowly forward.

An Officer has just left the room beyond the bars, but two more SS grunts are still about. Sten them one at a time then shoot or kick the bars out.

At the other side of this room is this door. If you have given him enough time the officer will be out of sight.

Moving forward whilst keeping to the left lets you creep up to this distracted soldier. Shoot him to let him observe the drop in front of him more closely. Move onto the bridge to kill the Officer.

Climb up on the right hand part of the bridge and seek out that cobweb on the wall. Careful observation reveals a ledge to jump on.

Secret Area

Jump over and collect this loot. Note that the jump back, unless made carefully, will cost you some Armour and Health, or may even result in a fatal fall. It's up to you if you really want to bother and collect these goodies.

As you continue over the bridge you will be rocked by another tremor. After, you will see two openings. Nip in to that place on the right to collect another rocket launcher before going off to the left.

Forward progress brings a Prototype out of hiding. He can take two courses of action. If he moves to your right you need to slug it out with him. Often, retreating back to the bridge will give you vital shots around a corner. If he takes a route to your left, shoot out the ground from under him as this shot shows. In either case two more soldiers rush out to join him.

Beyond the Proto freak lies two avenues to explore. Take the left one first.

Move up until you hear footsteps. Run back to the crates as fast as you can.

From the crates you should be able to snipe a couple of guards and an Officer. They came out of a door that will be locked from your side. After, take the other route to progress.

Past the door is a hole in the ground. Drop down and take a swim.

As you clamber out of the water and round a corner a couple of workers will run off and leave you to meet another flamethrower wielding Nazi. Use the paratrooper rifle to take out this threat.

At this point you will notice some planks in the roof above. Another Proto hangs out up there. To avoid a Venom blast in the black shoot at him until he p*sses off. Move forward towards that torch.

As you round the next corner two more soldiers come rushing.

Beyond them lies another area with crates and those two workers that shat themselves earlier. Amongst the crates are various items to pick up as well as more Panzerfausts. If you don't need them yet, i.e. you have 4 or 5 already, leave them until later. Believe me it will be worth it. Remember this area for now.

Another corner will bring you to this ladder. Don't climb up yet as on the other side is another Prototype waiting to pummel you with Venom. From here though you can see his head.

Employ your Mauser to knock him for six.

Climb halfway up and use the Thompson to shoot at a soldier running from the left.

Climbing further up will bring two more Nazis running, one from each side. Kill the one on the left first before turning your attention to the flamethrower wielding  one on the right. I hate those flamethrowers. Jump down and go left.

You will see these two ladders. Climb up the first, don't go up the second.

Edging forward you should be able to snipe at three more guards below on the other side. From this vantage point you should see a rock column left of centre in this shot. Go to the left of it.

By carefully moving forward you can observe a sniper on an upper level almost dead ahead.

Here is a closer view of him through the Mauser scope. Take time to eliminate him.

Moving forward brings you to these planks in the ground. This was the point where the Prototype stood that you shot at earlier from below. To the left is a doorway. You may recall luring out three soldiers, one of whom was an Officer, after crossing the bridge near the start of this level. That door takes you back there. To the right, is the pathway back to the two sets of ladders. Take that right turn, but this time climb up both.

At the top of the second steps your paratroop rifle should take care of this flamer with ease. Jump up and move down the path.

At this point a distant Prototype advances Venom blazing. Load up the Panzerfaust.

Three accurate rockets will get rid of this menace. Back up if necessary. Before moving on, take the time to go back through this level to collect the case of Panzerfausts that you may have left earlier. You can remember them can't you ?

This shot is a reminder of where they are. Scroll back up if you need a memory jogger.

Cutting to the chase now, moving forward will bring three more SS soldiers to bear. Take care to get rid of these three whilst sustaining minimum damage.

Beyond them lies this apparently sealed off opening. Amongst the barricades is a barrel.

Objective 1

From a distance use a Mauser round to open up some space.

Through the blasted gap is this door. You can enter safely despite the growling.

To the right of the door is another barrel to blast. It will open up a gap to crawl through. In here is another shiny skull.

Secret Area

Back outside is this gap in the floorboards. Jump down, using a beam below you to break your fall, instead of across. That other beam at an angle on the far side will not let you jump over anyway.

Down here is this opening. Move through, and as the ceiling falls in behind you, you have found the next level.

Objective 2

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