Mission 7: Operation Resurrection  Part 3: Heinrich
1) Destroy Heinrich I (simple, eh ?)

A deceptively enemy free start. Go to the end and collect more supplies.

Take everything you can and go through that door.

In here are more items to pick up. Be thorough before dropping down that hole in the middle of the floor. Once you have dropped down you can't get back up.

A last door beckons before Heinrich's arena. Note the corner on the left. In a short while you will be back here and under attack.

Go through that door until you can see outside to get your first sight of Heinrich. Don't move forward past the cave entrance yet. Why ? Around Heinrich are three large zombie knights and the zombified Blavatsky. Although the knights can be regenerated she can't. This next tactic gets her out of the way for good. You just want to give them the briefest of glimpses of yourself to ensure that this gruesome group moves forward then high tail it back inside.

Use that corner to cover you from spirit attacks and flame each one as they come through. When you are sure they are all burning charge outside.

After you pass the mouth of the cave the roof falls in trapping you outside for the duration.
(The braver of you might want to try luring Heinrich all the way in, you will get a bit of a pummelling from his spirits, rush out around him and try to time the roof falling in right on top of him. If it doesn't work you are shafted either way.)

For the rest of us here's a quick guide to Heiny's lair. He should be standing in the middle of a raised platform shown here. If you stay on it you avoid spirit attacks. If you stray under those huge arches Heinrich can send masonry crumbling down on you. Stay up at this end.

If you really need it, more health and ammo lies to the left of the arena as you approach it. Don't forget that moving here will take you off the platform and will render you vulnerable to spirit attack.

By the time you reach him more regenerated knights will be moving in. You will only face three at a time.

The much maligned Tesla comes into it's own a bit here as it can push back, and kill, these knights.

Your main target unsurprisingly though is Heinrich himself. The key here is to not let yourself get too distracted with the knights and keep on circle strafing around him whilst using your heaviest weapons. You should have several Panzerfausts to fire off.

The Venom, although it will overheat, really kicks his ass.

Again, the Tesla will certainly hurt Heinrich too whilst keeping the attendant knights at bay at the same time.

If you feel up to it and it's going well for you, try luring him over a 5 second bundle of dynamite.

Eventually …. POP goes the Heiny !
Well done soldier.

Objective 1

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