Mission 1: Ominous Rumours  Part 3: Tram Ride
1) Restore power to the Tram.
2) Escape from Castle Wolfenstein.
3) Meet Kessler in the village of Wulfburg.

Pop in the door on the right for a stamina boost, some health and ammo if needed. Then go ahead as shown here.

You will emerge at this scene. Shoot the technician ahead and get ready to encounter several Germans from both sides.

Move off to the right, nail the guy up top, then pop through the door shown to get more supplies. Go back outside and head to the left again.

If you need to shut the alarm off it's there on the left. Ahead is the door you need to get the machinery rolling.

Enter the door and go downstairs. Use the volatile barrels to help eliminate opposition. Next to where these guys cop it is the switch to restore power to the tram.

Here it is. Watch your back for more enemies though. Down here you can collect Armour and supplies.

Objective 1

Quickly head back upstairs and watch out as the restored power brings up a couple of soldiers in the Tram Car. Climb the ladder seen on the right.

This will give you the upper hand in clearing them out.

Enter the car and use this button to get rolling.

Objective 2

Very quickly the Mid-Station will loom into view. Switch to the Mauser and use it to pick of the two sentries on duty here.

As the car docks move forward and to the left to nail this guy who appears. You can visit his little hut if you wish to.

To progress with the tram you will need to activate another power switch so run round to the other side of the structure and climb this ladder.

From here the only way is … down, so descend to the bottom.

Here is a switch to activate, but it's not the one to get the tram going again. This opens a door beneath you.

Move around to get a clear view on this worker, then drop down and activate the power switch.

Here it is in all it's glory.

Climb back up, then down, then board the tram. Activate the switch, then get ready with your Mauser again. As you approach the base there are another two Germans to eliminate quickly.

Just before the tram comes to rest another soldier bursts out ahead of you.

When he is done for leave the car but pop round to the right for more supplies, then enter the door that he came out of. There are two more people to get rid off here. Use those barrels against the far wall if you can  to blow one of them to bits.

Climb this ladder and go through the door shown up top to collect a Mauser and some more Armour.

Exit the room, but jump on to this cage instead of going back down the ladder. See that broken grille to the left ? Kick it in and go through the vent shaft.

After a few turns and drops you will get to this end here. Wait for a German to run across from left to right then break through.

Turn right then get ready to wallop a few goons. Between those two flags over there is a recess. Sprint to it then turn about.

More Jerries show up through that gate. By the way, that clock up there is particularly satisfying to bust with machine gun fire.

When all the soldiers are done for you can move forward. As you do this a cut scene will kick in introducing your contact Kessler. First pop into the passageway on the left, then go through the doors on the right to meet him.

Here he is, just don't shoot him !

Objective 3

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