Mission 2: Dark Secret  Part 1: Village
1) Infiltrate the Village.
2) Locate the SS Paranormal dig site.

The wounded Kessler will beckon you downstairs to the secret entrance into the village. Collect various goodies of the table to the left of him first though.

He will activate an entrance for you, so drop down and knife this drunkard German. Jah, jah, jah, JAAH !

Objective 1

Climb a couple of flights of stairs and get ready to shoot at this Officer and his companion. Note the doorway to the right. Duck in there as soon as you are done.

Yes, she looks nice doesn't she, but, don't shoot her or the mission will end. Even more buts, swing around quickly and face the door dead ahead over the counter.

Through that door will come a couple of soldiers. Another may appear up to the right.

When it's clear, rush out, switch to the Luger and grab this chair here. Place it on the ledge then jump onto the ledge, then the chair to hop up to the top floor. Turn right and head along the corridor.

There are some supplies in the two doors either side here, but ultimately you want the farthest and last door on the left.

Rush through, kill this guy fast and man his machine gun.

This is why. Mow down several enemies as they rush forward down the alley.

Jump out through the gap in the wall and take this opening to the right.

After this section you want to slow down and creep up to the wall on the left because ...

… around the corner is another guard on the ground and this git in a watchtower. No, he's not giving out religious pamphlets, just Mauser rounds. So, lean around to get his perspective, switch to your Mauser and take him out fast. Switch back to your MP40.

This guy lurks beneath the watchtower and will be on to you.

Turn right and shoot two more Nazis who come to investigate the racket. When all opposition is gone the door on the right will open and Karl will come out to greet you and beckon you inside. Don't shoot him like I did first time round ! You will need to follow him inside but first climb the tower and collect some Mauser rounds from near the dead sniper.

Karl will open up a door for you. Achtung ! Armour, ammo and … the silenced Sten. My favourite weapon. I like this weapon a lot although it takes some getting used to due to the overheating.

Collect your stash, then head out the other door and turn left. Go up those stairs dead ahead.

Drop down these stairs and turn about.

Go through this tunnel and look towards the right.

Go through that iron gate to the right and follow the path carefully. Note the doorway ahead. It's not worth bothering with but bear in mind that another path leads of to the left. Soon, you will come back to that path.

You will hear a couple of goons talking so approach this corner quietly. Quickly nip out and use your Sten to silence them. Go through the door ahead but be prepared to meet an Officer and his sidekick. Once done, go to the right of this room.

See that book sticking out ? Activate it.

More treasure !

Secret Area

When you have collected your Gold go back outside and head back to that pathway that headed off to the left when you emerged out of the tunnel. It will bring you to this T junction. There's another arch to the left out of site. Take caution here ! This guy patrols, and another Mauser toting German patrols the window in the background. Really you need to do both in here with the weapon of your choice. When finished head through the arch ahead and turn right. You'll return to the left exit later.

Soon you will appear at this spot. Just behind that wall to the left is a drainpipe that you can climb. Do so.

From here you can see those open windows. In there are one or more Germans to kill. When finished up here go back to the T junction and take the other exit that is now on your right.

Around another corner are two more patrolling guards to account for.

Move forward down these steps, ignoring the door of to your right, you will be back there in a moment. Ahead and through that open gate is a store room to plunder, but, that ledge ahead and to the right contains more First Aid if needed. It is classed as a Secret Area. To get to it, hop onto the railings on the right and jump over.

Secret Area

Go back up and enter this door that you went past just before. Go quietly as usual.

In here are two Officers discussing unpleasant things, and another grunt is walking around upstairs. When they are killed go through that door ahead. Quickly turn right and hide around the corner.

Load up your Mauser and creep out from behind the corner. There are three or so enemies in the graveyard beyond to deal with. The Mauser does it best. Go into the cemetery and locate the exit to this level as shown below.

Here you are. Behind this Tomb are a couple of bundles of dynamite to collect. Come back to that grey doorway and kick it in to save ammo. Go forward and drop down to exit. I hate the next level.

Objective 2

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