Mission 2: Dark Secret  Part 4: Defiled Church
1) Infiltrate Wulfburg Church.
2) Pursue Helga von Bulow to the ruined Cathedral.3) Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal Elite Guard.

At the start go through that gap and turn left.

Ahead is a corridor with an open end. Move down to it until you hear voices. Backtrack to this position and move to the left.

Bring up the scoped Mauser and wait for your first customer to arrive. Three soldiers and possibly your first Elite Guard will appear and can be nailed one at a time. If she doesn't appear proceed from here with caution. Climb out at the end and turn right.

Pass these remains on the table and head through the door. If she didn't appear before, the Elite Bitch will be behind this, so be careful.

Quietly open another door and nail this guy. Move off to the left of the crates.

These stairs to your right are your next port of call but for a laugh go further to the left until you see a coffin.

Move close and watch this cheeky bastard spring up !

Anyway, go back to the stairs and proceed with caution. Up here are few more leather clad girls.

When you are ready, go through the gate on the right by using the switch next to it.

The passageway will lead to this section. You will hear more voices barking out orders. Throw the next switch and go through the gate. That door is locked shut.

Objective 1

Past this door is the church and it's attendant Guards. Just beyond that arch is a lurking girl that makes things difficult. Lob a grenade to flush her out.

When she has gone move out and turn right. Over to the left corner are some steps you need to take, but you will encounter a few more of Helga's vixens in here.

Take the steps, turn left and you will see this scene. In the doorway are a couple more Guards. You need to get in there and climb a ladder, but ...

… additionally, this one lobs grenades down two at a time. Wait for the second to explode, rush in, climb a little way up, and try to knock her off from here.

At the top you must take this door, first however, shoot out the window on the left here, and the one across the way. In there is a gleaming skull to collect later.

Move out the door and get ready to fire on a girl emerging from the far door and one on a balcony over to the left.

Go through that far door and turn left. If you want to collect the skull you need to go through that opening on the left, turn right along the balcony, and jump over to an otherwise closed off area. Otherwise, go through the door ahead.

Here's the jump you need to take. It's a fatal drop if you want to risk it.

Secret Area

Beyond the door is another enemy. After eliminating her proceed to where she was and descend a spiral staircase.

Take care at the bottom. Through the arch here a Guard shoots, but look out for the one hiding off to the left out of sight.

Go through and take the switch gate on the left.

Take a door on the right and take care when entering this room. There are four or more bitches in here that may rush all at once. Fall back to the gate if you need to slow them down. See that door at the back of the room ? That's your exit.

When all of the girls are dead break through the door barrier and exit here.

Objective 2

Objective 3

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