Mission 2: Dark Secret  Part 5: Tomb
1) Eliminate Helga von Bulow.
2) Retrieve the 'Dagger of Warding' for further study.

At the start of this level moving forward will make the floor collapse beneath you. That's ok, as the door ahead will not open anyway.

You will drop down to here, almost like a dugout with ammo. Load up if you need to, then head out of the gap, climb up and turn right.

See this narrow gap here. In a short while you will encounter your first game 'boss'. The trick to exploit here is that the thing will not go past this point. Anyway, move past and turn right. Go forward a short way.

Here is the ruined Cathedral in all it's glory, not. Reaching this point will trigger the thundering approach of the Helga beast that you need to confront.

Additionally, some zombies will appear from the ground. Retreat back to the other side of the gap in the wall and take out the zombies. When they are gone, go forward to the point shown, take a few shots at the beast, then retreat past the gap again. Beware that this thing sends out a spirit attack. If it does, you may need to retreat all the way underground to escape them.

After taking enough hits the beast will explode !

Objective 1

More zombies arrive at her demise. Again retreat where necessary and kill them off. When all is done go to where the beast appeared from.

In a small chapel is the famed dagger.

Objective 2

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