Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance  Part 3: Radar Installation
1) Locate and destroy MVX-Mk 1 Radar.
2) Proceed to X-Aircraft facility.

Move up to this grating. Wait for an explosion and a couple of guards to come running from left and right before you break through. Although one ends up behind a pillar you should be able to get both from here. Drop down and turn right.

Cross this bridge keeping to the right.

As you reach the end two more Germans come running out of a couple of buildings. You want the door that the furthest one emerged from on the left. Ignore a tunnel around the corner to the right for a moment.

Going through another door sets up this confrontation.

Climb this ladder and go through at the top.

There's another lurking soldier and a machine gun. Man it when ready.

This will bring several soldiers running down the tunnel to your left. You should be able to mow most of them down from here.

Leave the bunker and head down the tunnel. Watch out for any survivors from the machine gun spree and equip the Mauser. On that bridge ahead, two more Germans emerge. One has a Mauser too and you want to get rid of him fast. There are alcoves in the tunnel to use for cover. See that searchlight in the distance ? Take it out then hug the wall on the left.

Rounding the next bend leaves you facing a machine gun emplacement and a Panzerfaust wielding soldier. A careful approach utilising your scope should let you get them without much damage to yourself. Move over to some crates on the right when done.

A soldier rushes out of this door. You can go in where he came from for supplies. Also, you can exit the building he came out of via a window and man the machine gun you saw a minute ago but I prefer carefully rounding the corner. So, move off keeping right. By the way, that door on the left will not open yet.

As you round the corner more enemies appear. A couple will have Mausers so retreat back whenever you need and wait for them to come to you.

When the area is clear visit this building for much needed Mauser ammunition. You will need it later. Next, head off down that tunnel to the right of this shot.

Careful progress down here will let you get this man before he even sees you.

At this point, turn right and head up those stairs. One more guard lurks here.

At the top you have two doors. Take the one on the right.

In the room is a grating to break. Drop down and follow the vent shaft.

You have found a secret supply room ! Beware that there is a guard behind the gate at the far left end of this room.

Secret Area

Here he is. Kill him quietly, grab all that you need, there is a lot of Armour in here, and go through the other gate behind him. You will see another path to the right as you do this. Take that in a moment.

In the other room is the dynamite you need to destroy the radar. When loaded up, head back out and up the stairs.

At the top of these stairs two guards will try to make a sandwich out of you so be warned. Take the door to the left at the top.

You now have three ways to go. That left hand door leads to a mess room with food if you need it. Going ahead is the route that leads to the radar, but for the time being go right from here.

Over there is a room to explore.

More of the yellow stuff. Collect it, head back inside, and now turn right to take that route to the radar.

Bet they can get Sky Sports on that ! Take that door beneath the radar assembly. Note that other entrance though.

Dump some dynamite in here and retreat.

Job done. Just ahead of this shot is that other door you noted.

Objective 1

This is your next route to take after these two emerge.

Inside is this ladder. Heading all the way to the bottom leads to an ambush. Jump on the ladder, head down only a little way. Go back up and promptly spin around.

You have lured this one forward. Be aware that there are two down here to contend with.

By dropping down you will come to these two doors. The one on the right takes you back to an earlier part of the level, the one on the left leads to the exit. Next to it, on the floor is a hatch.

Trigger it, then turn the wheel. A bit of fun before leaving.

Here is the wrecked exit room. Take that door in the corner.

Objective 2

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