Mission 4: Deadly Designs  Part 1: Kugelstadt
1) Eliminate Panzer Grenadier Team.
2) Aid Kreisau Circle in safe defection of the SWF scientist.
3) Escort Panzer safely to the Secret Weapons Facility complex.
4) Gain access to the Secret Weapons Facility complex.

You start off with what might as well be a pair of water pistols on the right hand side of this tank. Change over to the Sten. As the tank moves forward move along with it.

At some point the tank will stop as it gets fired upon from the left, so sprint ahead towards that corner marked 'X'.

Turn left and get ready to kill two advancing soldiers. Move up the street to where they came from.

Take this turning to the right and hook a left.

In a moment you will need to take that left entrance and enter a small courtyard, but now go through the opening ahead.

Turn left, keep to the left, and nail this guy who is looking the wrong way. You can collect the his Mauser but keep in to the left as a sniper overlooks the end of that alley ahead.

Go back to the junction and head into the courtyard. See those two flights of steps you will need to go up.

First however, spin right and get this soldier as he emerges.

Go up the first flight and turn about to hit this muffa.

Carefully negotiate the upstairs area until you reach this last Grenadier. In this room is a Panzerfaust to collect as well as Armour and other supplies. Load up and head to that window.

Objective 1

As the tank moves up jump out and onto it's turret. You will not suffer damage and it allows you to keep up.

Stay to the left of the tank now and approach this corner. Do not go around it yet.

Lean around and watch the tank take out the bell tower at the end of the street. It contained an accurate sniper.

Move down the street now and watch for this soldier who appears in front of a barricade.

You can't get over the barb wire yet so take this gate to the right. It leads to the Scientist that needs rescuing. Equip the Thompson for more rapid firepower.

You will reach this area. In here are three more soldiers to confront. One of them will run from right to left and try to man a machine gun. After the shootout head for that window on the ground floor to the right of that larger opening.

Just to note, here's that machine gun emplacement. In here is an Armoured jacket if you need it.

Before you reach that lower window spin round and get another back stabbing sniper up there.

From the moment you jump through that window the clock starts ticking. Dispense with any stealth and make as fast a progress as you can. Turn right, enter another room and shoot this guy. Reload the Thompson immediately.

Move forward into a bombed out room and swing right to kill this flamethrower guard fast. Reload again.

Continue forward killing any German you see. After this one swing left around the corner.

Make quick work of these two, go through that gap and turn left.

As this one advances drop him quick.

There's your Scientist enjoying a camp fire. He would like to thank you but time is still of the essence. Head back now. Run.

Objective 2

Here is where you encountered the flamethrower man. You can go back through the rooms or you can climb up to the left of this shot onto some flooring. Here you can collect more heath and Armour and jump over to continue.

As you come back through the gate to the street the tank rolls over the barricade. Run around the back and hit a soldier who emerges.

Sprint now back around and ahead of the tank and turn right. Equip the Panzerfaust and ready yourself to fire down that first alley on the left.

Down here is a German that has his own Panzerfaust. Use yours first finish him from your end of the alley but be ready to step away if he gets his off.

Continue down the street and kill this one hiding behind this fallen roof section. Carry on ignoring another alley on the left for the time being.

Over in the far right corner a soldier mans a field gun. This too will hurt the tank so kill him fast as well.

Go back to the alley that you just passed and shoot this flamethrower guard. Move clear of the tank and let it blow the doors off at the end of the road.

As it does so, equip the Snooper and survey the now open gap. It's possible that two soldiers will come running. If so, they are easy prey with this rifle.
Several gamers have complained that the tank just sits still and doesn't destroy the doors. The only remedy seems to be to reload the level and play again.

Objective 3

Go back down the flamethrower alley and turn left. You will come to some steps on the right. Another enemy rushes out. Shoot the barrels to blast him apart. Further along the alley is where the Panzerfaust toting Kraut stood. Collect one from where he stood. Come back and go up those stairs.

Inside, use this fallen floor to go up.

Jump onto the window ledge then jump across.

Kill this man and go to the window in here.

Time to jump onto the tank for a second time. You are now free for the moment to go back over previously travelled areas to stock up on ammo and supplies etc.

As you back up though be mindful of this window here, 'X'. It contains a sniper who needs to be killed. This is near the Panzerfaust alley.

Back at the blasted doors keep an eye out for two more enemies lurking in here if they didn't appear first time round. Go through to that other doorway.

Beyond are two more, one equipped with a flamethrower. After dealing with these two jump onto that fallen beam on the right and climb up.

From the top, jump over to collect more ammunition. Jump back down and go to the other end of this area.

Secret Area

The exit is that opening in the ground.

Objective 4

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