Mission 4: Deadly Designs  Part 2: The Bombed Factory
1) Obtain Venom Gun Project Book.
2) Infiltrate the Kugelstadt Weapons Factory.

You have a tough confrontation to start with here. Climb up, bust the grill open and look outside.

You are cornered down a dead end alley with someone shooting at you from ahead. That person is the other side of the broken windows ahead. You need to move fast. When he stops firing he runs from left to right and quickly mans a machine gun. As he moves, get out turn about and run to the left hand corner.

Turn back to face him now. If you do it right you are out of range from his machine gun, just.

Switch to the Mauser and scope out his exact location. By edging out, firing, then getting back to cover, you should be able to nail him with two or three shots.

A bit further up and to the right is another enemy.

Advance down the alley and turn right here. Note a couple of things: the Venom Gun book is located in the top floor dead ahead (you will get to it later), note position 'x'. You will come back to it in a moment.

Moving a little bit more to the right will give you this perspective on another enemy. For the record, the Venom Gun book is directly behind him. Again, you will access it later.

Go under where he stood and turn left. Another target lies ahead upon the brickwork. Time to trigger a couple of guards. Run to the far right corner of this particular building.

Get to here and run back to position 'x'.

From here there are two things to do. One got to that opening on the left.

Jumping up and down gives you a view of a sniper through that doorway ahead.

Moving slightly to the right gives you a clear shot of another guy in the rafters.

Back track again to the blasted building, shown here once more. Another guard has taken up position through the gap to the left.

Here's a close up of him.

Go forward when clear and enter a grate beneath the torn flag in another ruined room. You could take the route shown on the right but you will encounter stiff opposition.

Bust the grate and drop down to here. Go forward and approach a T junction with care.

From the left a flamethrower loaded soldier chases you. Use the paratrooper rifle to bring him down. To progress in this mission you need to head from where he came, but, for the moment ...

… swivel about to confront someone sneaking up from behind. Head down this part first to check out another section of this level.

Around the corner another target is waiting.

Hook a left, climb some steps and emerge into this area. It's the machine gun nest that you first encountered.

Enough of the tour now, head back to the flamethrower guard tunnel, climb another ladder, bust yet another grate and get ready to hammer this guy. Another guard is on that half track too. Stay low at this point as the area is overlooked  by someone with Panzerfausts.

When ready, rush for that door ahead, and get out your flamethrower. Just behind the door is more health and Armour.

Up a short flight of stairs is a right hand turn. Lean around and roast two paratroopers.

A couple of rooms later is this guy on a machine gun. Stay away from the windows to avoid a Panzerfaust blast.

Through the next door this guy runs from right to left. He is easy prey for the Sten as he does this. Go through that doorway on the right.

Another opening beckons, but beware.

Back up as you go, as above another paratrooper lurks.

Climb the stairs until you reach a room where two Germans are trying to deal with a bomb: "So, how do I disarm this thing?"

Stay back because:
"They all look grey to me"

Enter the shattered room and shoot at the two paratroopers left alive below. Shoot the barrels to help flush one of them out and to open up a hole in the wall. Drop down, collect their rifles and go to the newly created hole.

Here's a closer look. Go through it, turn right and head back upstairs again. When you get back to the gap, jump across this time instead of down.

Further progress brings you here at which point you should hear "Hey ! Someone lower the ladder". Run to the right hand corner of this part.

Edging out and facing left gives you a good view of the Panzerfaust guy.

Edging out more gives you a vantage of two more paratroopers across the way.

When they are done for run to where the Panzerfaust man was and survey the courtyard. There may be another trooper below so be careful. Next to the half track in the yard is a ladder that has been lowered. The book is in the building to your left. You can reach it by jumping to that L shaped roof, but not for now though.

Snipe across the yard at anyone else you can see before back tracking through the buildings.

Back outside more enemies may be around so take care.

Back in the courtyard now and here's the famous ladder.

Edge up to the top and shoot at whoever is about with the weapon of your choice. Through that gap ahead of you in this shot is the exit for this level.

Turn left though to view that shattered building across the way. You need to enter it to get the Venom Book.

There it is on the table.

Objective 1

Turn back and jump this gap to get to the exit.

Through that door to exit.

Objective 2

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