Mission 6: Return Engagement  Part 3: Chateau Schufstaffel
1) Eliminate General von Schurber.
2) Locate rear exit to the chateau.

Go through this door and walk forward. Don't run.

Up some stairs in the far right corner a paratrooper gets an order to check on one the guys you just creamed. Let him run off to maintain a stealthy approach.

Move up to the door he ran through, keeping to the right, open it carefully, and shoot a mounting plate on the far wall that seems to be holding up a wire. A shelf load of barrels will dispose of two more troopers just out of sight.

Going further forward will bring you to these two warming up. Use your Sten to quietly eliminate both. You must take care to not let one shout out.

If all has gone to plan you should encounter only one guard at this point, otherwise you will have a harder time of it.

Either way, from here, you will have two routes to take. Leave that stairway for the moment, and go through that far opening. Note that door set in the side of the staircase.

A square hallway brings you to this room with several more enemies.

At the other end of this chapel is more treasure to pocket.

Heading back the way you came is another portrait of the Fuhrer hanging over the fireplace that those two officers stood by. Shoot it and the swastika emblazoned panel behind it to open up that door to the left of the staircase as you look at it from here.

Down here is a hidden room.

Secret Area

Time to ascend that impressive staircase now. At the top there are doors left and right. The left hand set are locked for now.

Heading right and rounding a corner will bring you to this hallway. If you have been stealthy so far you should be able flame or shoot these two easily. Near where they stand, on the left hand side, is a single door.

Beyond is this dining room with an Officer nearby. He is not the one on your objectives list but he still won't let you pass peacefully though. The other side of the table are those double doors. Carefully open them from the left hand side.

This area overlooks the path you travelled up near the beginning of the level. Up and to the right is ladder that you will need to climb later, but again it is something to note for now. You want to move along the ledge on the right to those double doors at the far end. As you start off, two snipers appear from up top by the ladder. Take care here.

Across the way is another plush room and another officer. Again he is not your objective. Kill him and go out the only other door in here.

Turn right and then right again, taking care to silence more guards, until you reach this spot. If stealth has carried you this far this is what the scene looks like. Otherwise you will encounter more enemies and an upturned table.

Either way General von Schurber is down the end and needs to be eliminated. He will tend to lurk to the left of this room. More Armour is in here too.

Objective 1

Back outside now, and here is the ladder to climb up to progress.

On the roof you will see two skylights. It's less painful to drop down through the second one, but take out whoever you can at the first.

The Mauser scope will help you claim four or five targets.

Looking down from the far skylight now, and you want to try to land on one of those bookcases.

In the main room next door is a staircase that leads to the eventual exit. At the other end of the room is a fireplace hiding the other secret area in the Chateau.

Activate the poker next to it.

Secret Area

More loot to weigh you down.

Heading down the stairs now you will see these doors.

Approach from the left to avoid rocket damage. At this point you will have reached the exit area.

Objective 2

Duck in and out to hit the targets at the end. Beware of more Panzerfausts coming your way.

When they are dead move down the hall. At this point you can see these doors that are currently locked. Move towards the upturned table until you hear "Move out !"

Run back to where you were originally sniping from and use your faithful lean and flame style to burn the last three enemies on this level.

As they came at you they unlocked those other doors freeing up the exit.

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