Mission 1: Ominous Rumours  Part 2: Castle Wolfenstein
1) Locate Tram Entrance.

Start off quietly and head for the first door on the right. You will hear a couple of Jerries talking, but, using stealth they should not be a problem. Silently enter the door. Note another door, slightly further ahead on the left. For the moment, call this door X. You can't enter it yet, just remember it.

You will see this Officer mumbling to himself. He has had a hard time so give him some relief with your knife. Note the flag above the fire place ? That hides one of the hardest to reach secret areas in the game ! Here's how to reach it.

Go to this ugly mug shot in one corner of the room. You can't break it, but you can open it. Activate the lever behind. This has opened a panel behind the flag above the fire.

To get up to the flag you need to pick up one of the chairs in here and place it on the table. Easier said than done. Once in place, jump on to the table yourself, then jump onto the chair. Run or sprint towards the picture whilst leaping. After a few tries you should make it on to the ledge. Knife the flag and collect the Gold. Phew !

Secret Area

Head back to the door now, but note this room as you go. You can't enter yet, you need to activate a switch in another part of this level. Remember it for now though. Turn right outside.

Edge forward until you get a clear shot of this guy looking out the window then let him have it.

Your gunfire will start an alarm blaring so rush down the steps and be prepared to encounter a few more soldiers. If they don't come out of the door on left, go in, kill them, and pick up supplies in here. Come back out and head down the corridor shown on the right. You have three other Germans to deal with along here.

Follow the path and climb up some stairs until you emerge outside in the Keep. Another guard hides behind some crates. Kill him and move to the left for cover.

Off and up to the right, between the two turrets, is a wall with another enemy hiding. Shoot the brickwork and kill him to save being sniped at. Move toward the red light down the steps. Sorry, there are no loose women down here, just Nazi's. You may note that doorway dead ahead on the upper level, and the doors to the right beneath the turrets. You can't access either of them yet. The doors under the turrets eventually lead to the exit but are locked for now.

Enter this doorway here.

Continue forward until you reach this point. That door on the right is our famous door X. Although you can enter it from this side leave it for the moment and go ahead. Approach the corner and get ready to shoot off to the left.

Here you will encounter an Officer and maybe another guard, and that blasted alarm that has been blaring for a while. Shoot who you need to and head off to that opening on the right. Ah yes, shut the alarm off first.

You may have more killing to do, but in here is the switch that opens the store room you encountered near the start of this level.

Here it is. Activate it, then head back through door X and claim your goodies.

Voila, once more.  The door is open and you can restock. Leave here again via the same route as before and head back downstairs, along the passageway, back up the spiral staircase, until you emerge outside in the Keep again.

A soldier will open a previously locked door, the one above the red light one, and come after you.

Once he's accounted for head for that door up the steps.

Go on through and you will see these two doorways. You can't enter the one ahead, so take the one off to the right.

In the room behind that door is another cupboard to bust open. Here is your first piece of armour.

Exit via the other door in here and go down the steps. Soon you will see this sign leading to the Wine Cellar. You have just got to check it out !

In here are two more Nazi's to kill. Once done, you can check out another Secret Area.

Between the nearest two kegs is a loose brick that activates a hidden panel.

That's it here in the far corner of the room. Go in and collect the '38 Latour. Smash the glass as you get it.

Secret Area

Leave the cellar and proceed towards this mess area. You'll have to eliminate an Officer and several guards that gate crash. After, nip down the stairs, turn left, descend some more stairs and head to the soldiers quarters.

In here you can destroy some barrels to lighten the load. There are several enemies around so watch your back as you go.

Move past the blasted barrels. From here you can see an unlocked store room. After helping yourself go into the passageway shown on the left. There are two doors in here. Only one will open. Go through it.

You will notice this barrel against the wall. Shoot it to destroy the wall and gain access to another secret area.

Secret Area

Pick up the Armour and the treasure in there then head out the other door until you see this room. Destroy that board on the wall and then break the bricks behind it. More gold awaits.

Secret Area

Climb the stairs opposite the room with the board then activate this gate to pass through.

This takes you back the mess hall. Ultimately you want to exit from here via the way you came in, being those stairs shown ahead of you. For the moment though head through that door shown left. Another soldier will come through here as you approach so beware.

You will emerge outside with a machine gun emplacement nearby. As you do this you will hear an "Unlock the gates !". That is the opening of the doors that barred your exit from the Keep. However, for the time being you need to contend with a German rushing up the stairs ahead of you. Kill him then quickly man the machine gun. You'll need it to account for several guards that rush into this area. When you have finished check out the two rooms down here then head back to the Keep via the Mess Hall. More Germans will be met on the way back.

Here we are back at the Keep. Your exit is now the newly opened doors over to the left. You do however have more company.

Here is that opened exit. Go through when the coast is clear.

Ignore the door ahead, take the one to the right to exit this level.

Objective 1

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