Mission 2: Dark Secret  Part 3: Crypt
1) Navigate the Catacombs to the Wulfburg Church entrance.

As the panel opens you encounter Germans fighting the undead. Wait awhile for them to help you kill each other. You may be spotted so be prepared.

Round the corner, and use your scoped Mauser to eliminate more fighting enemies.

Go forward to where they were and note this junction. Another moveable but locked panel is in front, and a locked gate lies to the right. You will be back at that gate soon, but for now, head off to the left, the only way forward from here.

Down this section of passageway knocking on the walls precedes more zombie visitors.

Round another corner, then scope up to fire at more battling forces. Amongst this melee is another fire breathing zombie. Just keep plugging away at everything that moves.

This fire breather looks fearsome in the scope but just keep firing and he will soon go down.

Go forward to the end of the hallway and turn right. At the far end is another panel to activate.

Do it and turn about.

As well as opening a door elsewhere it releases more skull spitting zombies. After killing them go to the other end towards that cross.

Stand clear and shoot it. As it falls it busts a hole in the ground that you can jump down.

In here is First Aid, ammo and a switch to pull.

Secret Area

This opens a gate that allows you to return to a previously visited area. Turn right through the now opened panel.

Descend to this empty looking room. Ahem !

As you move to the far door, the other seals behind you. Growling precedes the emergence of four more zombies from the ground. I use the grenades to blow them apart, followed by the Sten if it gets too crowded.

When they are all accounted for the far end door opens with two Germans battling some knights. Clear up whoever you have to, then enter the next room.

In here is a raised central pillar and three Ante-Rooms each with a switch and trap. Activating each switch will lower the central pillar allowing you to progress. However, if you throw them in the correct order they reveal a secret later on. Remember those symbols in the secret area from the previous level ?

Here they are again. Each of the switch rooms has a corresponding symbol. From top to bottom, take each room in this order.

Starting with the Eye, move slowly forward. Get ready to shift backwards.

At a certain point this spike laden door drops. Wait for it to retract then run to the switch at the back and pull it. Turn around, wait for the door to fall and retract again, then rush out.

Next the Bird. It's a bit of a stinker this one. Just a little way in is a pit of spikes.

Peer carefully through the mist. Jump over and walk to the switch.

Get ready to pull it then instantly turn around and rush back to the pit edge. The walls in here close fast leaving a small safety area between them and the pit edge. Jump back over and go out.

Finally the Ankh room. Similar to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was it ?

On the floor are three pressure panels that send out razor sharp wheels. Carefully avoid them, activate the switch, and make your way back out.

The pillar has dropped, so hop on quickly and ride up.

As you reach the top a plank meets you. Step and go to that switch ahead. Throw it.

Turn around and watch a door open on the far side. Also, however, two zombies come out of a secret area nearby that the correctly used switches opened.

Here's one of them. Kill both and go in.

A chest of gold !

Secret Area

Go back to the other end and enter the opened door on the far side. What a surprise you say as it closes behind you. Go to the far end of this chamber to this altar. Rush up, collect the Goblet on it and rush back as spikes will appear. If you have trouble picking this item up go to your game menu. Select: controls / misc / auto item pick up, then change it to yes. This should work. Don't forget to change it back later if that was your preference.

Turn around and face these two Knights that burst from the wall. Watch out also for fire that spews from the stone faces in here.

When they are dead, run into the area that they burst out of and watch an earthquake split the floor open. Jump down the opening.

There are two doors down here. You want the one that is beneath the altar.

Go through and locate this exit.

Objective 1

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